How to Buy an NFT on PrimePort

A guide to buying an NFT on our PrimePort marketplace

In this section, we will guide you through buying a PRNT Staking NFT on our PrimePort Marketplace.

We're going to run through everything using the MetaMask IOS Mobile app but you'll be able to relate the information to whatever platform you're using as long as it's compatible with the XDC Network.

Step 1 - Using the correct network...

The Prime Numbers ecosystem is built on the XDC Network so you need to set yourself up on that network before you begin. On MetaMask or your chosen wallet, you need to add the XDC Network. Menu > Settings > Networks > Add Network > Custom Networks > and then fill out the form as shown in the picture below… The RPC Settings for the Prime Numbers RPC on the XDC Network

Now that you're on the correct network you'll see you have a native XDC wallet which means you're ready to explore PrimePort.

Step 2 - Figure out which NFT you want to purchase...

Next, you want to decide which NFT you want to purchase. On MetaMask make sure you're connected to the XDC Network and then hit the browser button. You want to search for and this will take you to the Prime Numbers marketplace called PrimePort.

In the top right corner, you'll see three lines, press that and then select Collections. Scroll down until you find the 'Prime Numbers' collection and then click on it to view the collection. Scroll down the list and see all the NFTs that are up for sale in the PRNT Staking NFT Collection.

Step 3 - Funding your wallet...

Okay so now you've decided which NFT you want to buy it's time to fund your wallet. You can buy PRNT or XDC on Bitrue or if you prefer to use a DEX then XSwap is a good option. To find out which exchanges sell a certain token go to CoinGecko, find the token and then click the exchanges section. This shows you all the exchanges that sell the token and which ones have the best liquidity like in the picture below…

Remember when you purchase the NFT you'll need a tiny bit of XDC to pay the tiny gas fee. One XDC token will last you ages although the minimum withdrawal on Bitrue is 20 XDC so make sure you've got the gas side of things covered.

Now that you've purchased the necessary tokens you need to send them to your MetaMask wallet. The important thing to remember here is that you use the XDC Network when doing the transfer and that you edit your MetaMask address first.

MetaMask addresses start with 0x but if you're sending tokens to the XDC Network then you need to remove the 0x and replace it with xdc in order for it to work. If you put your normal MetaMask address into the withdrawal form on Bitrue then it'll say "wrong address" when you press the withdraw button because you haven't replaced the 0x with xdc

We suggest you set it up as a withdrawal address and send a small amount first to test it and then once it arrives in your MetaMask wallet you can send a large amount of money because you know it'll definitely arrive.

Step 4 - Buying the NFT...

Now that you have the necessary funds in place you can purchase the NFT. Go to the PrimePort marketplace and connect your wallet. Press the wallet button in the top right corner and then select MetaMask. Press the wallet button again and you'll get the sign transaction pop-up so press the sign button to connect your wallet to the marketplace. You'll know your wallet is connected when a third button appears in the top right corner which is the profile icon.

Now locate the NFT you wish to purchase and click on it. Click the Buy button and then tick the "I agree to the Terms of Service" box and then press Confirm. You'll get the transaction screen pop-up and you need to press the Confirm button to sign the transaction. The transaction will then be submitted and should complete pretty quickly. Once it completes you'll see a message saying Purchase Done Congratulations!

To check you've received the NFT click the 'Profile' icon in the top right corner and then select 'My Profile'. Here you'll see all the NFTs in your portfolio and should be able to find the one you just purchased.

Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of a PRNT Staking NFT and you've completed your first purchase using our PrimePort Marketplace.

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