Minting NFTs Explained

In this section, we will explain what it means to 'Mint' an NFT and will guide you through the process of doing it on the PrimePort marketplace.

What is the minting of an NFT?

Minting an NFT is the process of writing a digital item onto the blockchain. This creates its immutable record of authenticity and ownership. When you mint something, you create a lifelong record of that item on the blockchain. The minting process is the very beginning of the item's history on the blockchain. Every time the item changes hands this will be logged under its history for everyone to see.

Who can mint an NFT?

The minting of an NFT isn't just for artists and creators. Anyone can mint an NFT and projects usually allow the community to do this at the very beginning of the NFT collection so that a community member becomes the very first owner of that NFT.

Does it cost money to mint an NFT?

Yes, whenever you mint an NFT there's a gas fee that you have to pay. However, because PrimePort is built on the XDC Network then the gas fees are pretty much zero so one XDC token will allow you to do thousands of transactions.

What do I need as preparation to mint an NFT on PrimePort?

You will need an XDC-compatible wallet with at least one XDC token in it to cover any gas fees. We recommend you use a MetaMask wallet. You need your item ready to turn into an NFT and any information you wish to publish about the NFT.

How do I mint my NFT on the PrimePort marketplace?

Follow the instructions in the next section. We'll guide you through minting on the TestNet first and then once you're comfortable with the process you'll be able to mint your NFTs on the MainNet.

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