How to Sell an NFT on Primeport

A guide to selling your NFT on our PrimePort Marketplace

In this section, we will guide you through selling an NFT on our PrimePort Marketplace.

We're going to run through everything using the MetaMask IOS Mobile app but you'll be able to relate the information to whatever platform you're using as long as it's compatible with the XDC Network.

Step 1 - Make sure you're on the correct network...

At the top of the MetaMask app, it should show that you're connected to the XDC Network as shown in the picture below...

If you're not currently connected to the XDC Network then hit the dropdown arrow and select the XDC Network. If you don't have the XDC Network as an option then please go back to the previous section about 'How to buy an NFT on PrimePort' and complete Step 1 which explains how to add a network.

Step 2 - Connect your wallet to PrimePort...

Once you're on the XDC Network then connect to and in the top right you'll see the wallet symbol. Press it once and select MetaMask and then press it again and sign the connect wallet transaction.

When your wallet is successfully connected you'll see the profile icon in the top right corner. Tap on it and then select 'My Profile' and this is where you can see all the NFTs in your wallet.

Step 3 - Selling your NFT...

Click on the NFT you want to sell and then press the 'Sell' button. You'll see a drop-down box that says 'Select Currency' which is where you need to choose which currency you want to use to sell your NFT.

Next input how much you want to sell your NFT for and then select a date for when the listing will end. Tick the 'I agree to Terms of Service' box and then press the 'List Item' button and you'll get a transaction pop-up you need to confirm. Once you confirm the pop-up you'll get a second message asking you to sign the transaction and then it'll say your listing is ready.

Congratulations! You have now listed one of your NFTs for sale on the PrimePort marketplace. Your listing will end on the date you specified.

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