How to Mint an NFT on PrimePort

In this section, we will guide you through the process of minting an NFT.

Step 1 - Connect your wallet to PrimePort

Make sure your wallet is on the XDC Network and then go to and in the top right press the wallet button. Wallet Connect will then load so select your desired wallet which is likely to be MetaMask. Now press the wallet button in the top right again and a sign transaction will appear. Once you confirm the transaction your wallet will connect to the site and you'll know this has worked if a third button which is the profile icon appears in the top right corner.

Step 2 - Start creating your Smart Contract

On the PrimePort home screen, you'll see an 'Upload' button. Press that and then press the 'New Contract' button. Now you'll see a form you need to fill out regarding the Smart Contract you're going to create for your NFT. Give your contract a name and symbol. Select the ERC721 type and then place your cursor in the 'Ascii Mark' section and you'll see on the right-hand side the word 'TOOL' so click on where it says 'TOOL'. This will take you to a site where you can create your Ascii Mark which is like a trademark for your NFT. In the box where it says 'Type Something' enter your trademark and you'll see it gets printed in the box below. Copy everything in the box below back into the Ascii Mark section on PrimePort.

Next, tick the 'I agree to terms of service' box and then hit the 'Deploy in TestNet' button. This will then ask you to switch to the XDC Test Network so first make a note of the Faucet address on the screen as you're going to need to grab yourself some Test XDC coins for the next bit and then press the 'Change Network' button and MetaMask will swap you over to the Test Network.

Now go to the faucet and get yourself some Test XDC which is totally free. Make sure your address starts with xdc so if you're using MetaMask you might need to change the 0x at the start of your address to xdc. Once you have some Test XDC in your wallet go back to PrimePort and press the 'Continue' button.

This will start the deployment of your Smart Contract. First, it will compile your contract and then it'll ask you to sign the transaction which is why you need some Test XDC. Once you confirm the transaction it will then deploy your contract to the TestNet.

Step 3 - Mint a TestNet NFT

The next step is to mint an NFT on the TestNet so on the screen you should see a list of 'Next Steps'. Click on 'Mint A NFT On TestNet' and then select 'Single NFT' or 'Batch NFT' whichever one you want to practice.

On the next screen, you'll see a form where you can upload the image for your NFT. You can then give it a title, description and properties. Lastly, tick the 'I agree to terms of service' box and then press the 'Update Metadata' button.

Now press the 'Deploy on TestNet' button and then 'Continue' and you'll be asked if you want to mint this yourself or airdrop it to someone else. Select your preferred choice and then hit 'Mint' and again MetaMask will pop up asking you to sign the transaction.

Once the process completes you can now go to your profile and view your NFT to make sure you're happy with how everything looks.

Step 4 - Deploy your Smart Contract on the MainNet

Now that you've had practice minting your NFT on the TestNet and you're happy with how it looks it's time to do it for real on the MainNet. So press the 'Upload' button and then you'll see your Smart Contracts so select the one you created earlier and you'll see the list of 'Next Steps' again.

Click the 'Deploy Contract on MainNet' step and it'll ask you to change network again. Once you have changed the network click 'Continue' and then it'll start deploying your Contract to the MainNet. Once that completes successfully you're ready to start minting your NFTs on the MainNet.

Step 5 - Mint a MainNet NFT

The next step in the list is to 'Mint A NFT On MainNet' so click on that step and then select Single or Batch. Fill out the form as you did before and then tick the terms of service box and then hit the 'Update Metadata' button. Once your Metadata has been updated successfully then hit the 'Deploy on Mainnet' button.

Again it'll ask if you want to mint this to yourself or airdrop it to someone else. Choose your preference and then hit 'Mint' and it'll start minting your NFT to the MainNet.

Step 6 - Set up your royalties.

The final step on the list is to set up your royalties and add your collection information. Give your collection a Cover Photo and Image. Add a description, slug, and link to your website. In the Fee Recipient box enter the wallet address you want the royalties to be sent to and then set the royalty percentage.

Once you're happy with all the information you've entered hit the 'Update Collection' button and that's it! You're all done!

Congratulations! You have now successfully minted your NFT(s) on the PrimePort marketplace. All that's left now is to promote your NFT on social media and get yourself some sales!

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