Using The PrimePort Auction System

A guide to the auctions system on PrimePort

You can sell your NFTs via an auction on the PrimePort marketplace. You can create an auction to run for a certain period of time. Below the sell button, you’ll see an auction option is available.

When you press the ‘Auction’ button you’ll be presented with a form where you can fill out the following…

  • The start date of your auction

  • The end date of your auction

  • The starting price of your NFT

  • A reserve price if you wish to set one

During the auction, you’ll see a bids section within your NFT which lists all the bids that have taken place.

If you change your mind then you have the ability to delete the auction.

Adding this functionality to PrimePort gives users so many more options when it comes to selling their NFTs.

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